Wekfest Chicago 2017

     Having a site titled “Chicago Car Life”, it should come as no surprise that any car show that is held within the city of Chicago, brings a sense of great pride and elation.  It also brings some apprehension, because having a car show in Chicago, near downtown is neither easy nor cheap.  It is easy to get it wrong, and very difficult to get right.  Well, the team at Wekfest USA, rose to the challenge and absolutely got it right!  Wekfest takes pride in the quality of cars at it’s shows, and carefully curate the entries that you see when you walk the floor of the show.  As a result, this year’s Wekfest Chicago was loaded with astounding builds of incredible quality.  Even the everyday modified cars, stuff people might actually drive on the street with regularity, were of a higher caliber than most.  The Wekfest crew try to instill a sense of family in all the entrants, and they impart a feeling of real pride for all that made it into the concours.  That pride showed in the cars, as everything on hand was absolutely spotless, no easy feat considering the onslaught of rain leading up to and into the entry of the show.  The roads were a wet, dirty mess, and to see the cars shining in the hall, you would have no idea that was the case.  The folks that run Wekfest, are clearly a group of people who love cars, and they focus on running an event free of distraction, that is purely about the cars and the proud owners.  This was plain to see, a winning formula.

     The weather could have threatened spectator turn out as well, but that was happily not the case.  Crowds were quite large and eager to see everything on display. As spectators came and went, the streets outside of McCormick place looked like their own parade of modified enthusiasts’ rides.

     Wekfest is a car show that originated in California, which is unquestionably the king of car shows and automotive indulgence.  So it means something that the first Wekfest outside of California, was in Chicago several years ago.  It is also meaningful that, when that first outing didn’t go as well as hoped, they eventually returned to Chicago again after a few years hiatus.  This year was the second consecutive year Wekfest made the trip to our fine city, and it is with that in mind that I always nervously hope we rise to the occasion.  A brief correspondence with the folks at Wekfest confirmed, they were very happy with the results and more importantly are incredibly committed to bringing the show to Chicago for the foreseeable future.

 Overall, Wekfest was a great show, with some of the best familiar cars we see around Chicago, as well as some impressive new faces from the surrounding regions.  With so much to see, there was no way I could capture it all, but check out the gallery below for some of my favorite looks from the show.  Really happy with Wekfest, and looking forward to a return next year, now if we could just get it to stop raining…

-photos and writing: Robert Sixto

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