Super Car Saturday – September 2018

     There’s no getting around it, the weather was not ideal for Super Car Saturday’s season finale.  The rain was fairly heavy during the early morning, and there seemed no end to the clouds above and the intermittent showers they would dump.  In fact, upon arrival things were looking quite grim.  Within fifteen minutes I had essentially photographed everything worth photographing.  The crowd of spectators was sparse and looking as sullen as the gray skies above.  It seemed for the first time ever, Super Car Saturday was not worth the drive out.  The super cars weren’t coming.  However, just moments later, like the heroic arrival of the cavalry, a squad of eight bonafide super cars arrived to literally cheers!  It was at that moment, the crowd seemed to release a collective sigh of relief, and the enthusiasm for the day was rekindled once again.  Smiles on faces, umbrellas in hands, they once again browsed the rows of cars with glee.  Throughout the morning, a steady trickle of more cars would arrive, including the blue Huracan Performante and some 911 GT3’s among others.  In a sense, because the weather kept so many cars away, the season finale was a bit truer to the meet’s namesake; it was more concentrated with actual super cars.  While there were no uber hypercars like the Porsche 918 or LaFerrari on hand, a Huracan Performante is certainly nothing to turn one’s nose up at.  Add to that some 911 GT3’s, Ferrari F12’s and a tuner special NSX (your tastes may vary), and you had some pretty super cars to gaze at indeed.  The rain only made for enhanced viewing; beads of water rolled down the voluptuous contours of the brightly hued automotive exotica, formed pools in the dips created by the aerodynamic shapes.  The Performante, already an angry looking machine, looked absolutely seething with rage as the rain drops pelted down upon it.  All of the cars bright colors only seemed more vivid and bold with the wet surroundings and gray skies providing the perfect contrast.  The cars and crowds lingered into late morning, and the atmosphere felt a bit more like the typical upbeat meet that is SCS.  Disaster averted and faith rewarded, everyone headed home happy and ready to wash the dirt and water spots away.  It will be a long wait for the next Super Car Saturday, we’ll be missing even stormy weekend like this during the winter months, but thinking warm thoughts remembering days like this.  Thanks again Super Car Saturday crew for another fantastic year!

-photos and writing: Robert Sixto

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