Super Car Saturday – May 2016

     This weekend marked the first Super Car Saturday of the year, ushering in the spring season with an array of colorful exotic machinery among the flowering green spaces within the Bolingbrook Promenade.  Kudos to the many diligent owners at the meet that kept their rides completely spotless, as the morning storms peppered many of these cars with rain.  The excitement for a new season was palpable, as not even the cool and damp conditions could keep show-goers away.  It was quite a turn out of cars and quite a turn out of shutter bugs; my informal estimate was an all time high SLR per capita.  This was my first time out to Super Car Saturday at this venue, and overall it was a good meet, but I would have to say it felt a bit less focused.  This however was not a bad thing at all, there were some phenomenal cars that do not necessarily fit the category of super car or exotic; well modified modern sports cars, older domestics, as well as a few that might qualify for unicorn status.  This weekend the show really presented a wide array of cars from different makes, genres, and eras.  There was something for everyone this Saturday, but here are a few cars that made an impression on me.

    The Mazda Eunos Cosmo was probably the biggest surprise at the show for me.  In fact, I was apparently so awestruck I didn’t realize I only had one shot of it!  The Eunos Cosmo was the Mazda halo car that the U.S. never got, a bigger and more upscale cousin to the well known RX-7.  This big cruiser coupe also came equipped with the famous Mazda rotary, but with the addition of a third magical spinning triangle, it was essentially the big block of the rotary world.  Now thanks to it reaching the 25 year old import rule, we may start seeing more and more of these.  Fantastic to see it in person, I expect a few more will make it stateside now.  The only blasphemous question remaining is how long before we see an LS swapped Cosmo?

    Another eye catching car was again, not a supercar in the traditional sense, but instead a vintage Mercedes. Dreamwerke in Bensenville brought out their 1972 Mercedes Benz 280SE, and it is quite simply breath taking.  Looking like a low rider for a 3rd world despot to be chauffered around in, it oozes nostalgia for a different era of Mercedes, and exudes regality.  What I love, is that it does this with such a simple formula; it is incredibly immaculate and it is incredibly low.  When that is all it takes, you undoubtedly have a special car.

     If you noticed a theme of non-traditional super cars, well here is the third, a 1972 Pontiac Trans Am.  There is just no denying something this clean, and this distinct.  As soon as you see the bold blue firebird symbol against that pristine white body, it is undoubtedly a Trans Am.  I was obviously not alone in this feeling, as this was a car that seemed to draw quite a crowd throughout the morning.  When you draw stares away from an AMS tuned and turbocharged R8, you know you’ve done quite well with your old pony car. Murica!

     Which brings me to that aforementioned R8, it was as polar opposite of the Trans Am as you might find.  All black and understated in that R8 sort of way, with a V10 engine modestly held behind it’s back, so as to not be a show off.  So humble is this R8, that the gorgeous engine covers mostly obscure the two turbos feeding the 10 cylinder monster lurking beneath.  With only a few AMS Alpha badges to indicate all that is happening underneath, this is about as much of a sleeper as an R8 can be.  I like sleepers. I like this R8.

     Need more than ten cylinders?  How about an Aston Martin with twelve?  This DB9 may not be the quickest thing on display but it is still plenty quick.  When you see a DB9 up close, you quickly understand it is about more than just performance.   It feels as though Aston Martin have been using this same design for well over a decade now, but it somehow stays fresh, it’s still a beautiful car.  Looking at the interior reveals another layer of what makes it special.  Unlike any mass production vehicle, the interior of this car is literally hand crafted to the owner’s desire.  It is easy to take the phrase hand crafted interior for granted, but seeing it in person imparts just how “next level” this kind of thing really is.  The leather, the stitching, the wood accents, and the way everything melds together in harmony is incredible, really a work of art.  In some respects, when looking for the ultimate driving experience the interior should be the most important part.  After all, it is where you as the driver will actually be.  I can think of few other cars that one might feel more special sitting in, in a word it’s lovely.

     Another unique car that appeared at the show is this RUF 996, in the appropriately named Speed Yellow color.  RUF Automobile for those who might not know, are actually a small quantity custom vehicle manufacturer in Germany.  They specialize in taking empty Porsche shells and filling them with high performance deliciousness.  If you stood close enough to it, you could smell the pine trees of the Nordschleife. 

   What would a super car meet be without the obligatory red Ferrari, and in this case a 599 GTO no less.  Another relatively seldom seen model that will generate internal (you hope) squeals of joy upon seeing in person.  A high testosterone looking menace, that radiates brute force.  It’ll put hair on your chest just standing too close to it.

     A pair of cars worth mentioning are the race ready Ford Falcon, and it’s neighbor the Plymouth super bird.  There is plenty to love about a fully race prepped and matte painted Ford Falcon, especially when it is built with such a nice eye for aesthetics like this one.  These two had a nice open space to display, and they needed it as crowds gathered and lingered for most of the event.  The large space was also welcome for getting a photo of the Plymouth, as the massive size made getting all of it in frame a challenge.  With length seeming to match that of a limousine, It is hard to imagine piloting something like this to speeds in excess of 140mph!  An exceedingly rare car, this was yet another treat to see.  

     Lastly, I have to mention the white FC RX-7 at the show.  Yes, it has had it’s rotary heart ripped out in favor of the ubiquitous LS swap.  With hood wide open, it displayed it’s LS heart proudly.  

LS swaps are no big deal you say?  Step a little closer and take a look, “is that a…turbo?” Yep, it’s a big honkin’ turbo with a nasty dump tube right out of the fender, so save your rotary gripes for someone else, this thing will rip your face off!  Rotary engine discussions can quickly become heated melee’s, but at the end of the day it’s all about what makes the owner happy.  By the looks of it when he rolled out, I’d say the owner of this FC was quite happy with the choice.

– photos and writing: Robert Sixto 

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