Super Car Saturday – June 2017

  This past Saturday would be my first trip out to Super Car Saturday this year, but it was actually the second SCS of the season.  The venue this month was The Arboretum in South Barrington where the roads coming in from the main entrance serve as the bulk of the display area. Rolling into the main strip just after the official start time of 9am, I gazed upon an endless collection of exotics, sports cars, uber luxury sedans and autmotive oddities packed shoulder to shoulder down the main strip.  Showgoers, like fish in a colorful coral reef; scuttled across the street, filtered between cars, raised phones to snap photos and took knees with SLR’s in hand to capture the ocean of automotive greatness on display. The roving schools of people intermittently parted, revealing oncoming traffic, a procession of high strung and track focused vehicles.  A Dodge Viper TA, a Porsche 911 GT3RS, a Lotus Elise all crawling along slowly in the opposite direction as we pass like two ships in the night.  As I reach the end of the main strip, it becomes clear it is a full lot today, so I stash my FC in a secluded spot behind the movie theater and exit the car to make my way back in to the show.  

     It was a bit atypical this weekend, as by the time I got back to the main strip (which did not take very long), there were some cars already filtering out of the show.  The echoes of roaring engines of various sizes and configurations, could be heard in the not so distant background as vehicles made their exit on to Higgins Road.  This cycling out however, was met with a nearly equal amount of cars cycling in, and the result was a higher than typical turnover within the show.  This meant it was easy to miss a thing or two, which I am sure I was not immune to.  It is always a challenge shooting these meets, it really is an embarrassment of riches as they say, I never know exactly what to focus on and shoot first.  All told, it was another gorgeous day for a meet, and I got a bunch of shots to post up.  Below are some of the cars I thought were notable.

     Let’s not stall the inevitable and get right into it, the Porsche 918 Spyder on display in the fountain area, which is the informal nexus of the show…stunning.  This Acid Green garbed titan, drew eyes from all directions and was undeniably the star of the show.  Flurries of clicking camera shutters never ceased in close vicinity of this beauty.  Given the rarity, the performance credentials and gorgeous lines of the car, it is always a treat to see one in public.  Simply seeing one in public should not be taken for granted, as one just like this one (maybe this very car?) just sold for three million dollars!  That was a second hand sale mind you, and those paying attention will know that is about two million more than what the car retailed for new!  Impressive then, that there are people still willing to drive such a highly valuable an potentially still appreciating car to the public, and I thank them for it!

      You will have to forgive my JDM affinities for a moment, I know I was in a sea of exotics but this car in particular drew my attention.  It is this perfect, white Mitsubishi Evo VI.  Many years ago, I had a mild obsession with 4G63 powered Mitsubishi’s.  The mild obsession was fueled primarily by extensive sessions of Gran Turismo on my Playstation.  It was also through Gran Turismo that I was made aware of the existence of this car.  Here was a car I had not seen before, and was never sold in the U.S. up to that point, I was intrigued.  The look of the Evo VI was perfect in my eyes, it’s all bulging muscles and excessive vents, like a ‘roided up little Boston Terrier itching for a fight.  The next two generations would carry the performance torch to new heights, but in my eyes they lost something in the styling department.  This particular Evo 6 was impressively clean, and it’s Scotia White paint only accentuated the point.  It is relatively small compared to modern Evo’s and even what qualifies as compact sedans by today’s standards, but I’d say it is just the right size.  With all the attention to R32 GT-R’s becoming 25 year rule legal imports, I had completely forgotten that these Evo’s would cross that same threshold this year.  I can not wait to see more!

    There is a thing that is sometimes hard to quantify with cars, that thing is presence.  You can not explain it with numbers or logical reasons, presence is a feeling a car gives you, it makes you take notice.  The Aventador LP-7004 below has presence, loads of it.  It is an intimidating presence.  This Aventador is a large Alpha predator, calmly gazing over the plains it resides in, contemplating it’s next kill.  Even the way I found it parked, all alone, no other animals want to play with it or be near it when it decides it’s lunch time.  It has that aura, a muscular, unpredictable, massive and violent looking machine that you feel compelled to approach slowly and speak in hushed tones near it.  I must not have been the only one to notice this aura, few approached it and those who did were more than at least an arms length away from it, leaning in, with feet planted at a safe distance. did everyone subconsciously feel it too?  I wondered, who would dare to enter such a monster, much less drive it to this meet?  I never saw anyone get in it, perhaps it arrived on it’s own…

     The next car is a complete ‘about-face’ from the Aventador, a Qvale Mangusta.  This car is quite an odd character, with an odd history of it’s production, an odd design, and a very odd license plate.  It’s history is odd, because it was born as an off-shoot of another tiny obscure car maker Detomaso, and it would then become the object of a fued between Detomaso and Qvale.  The styling is odd, because, well just look at it.  I would not call it ugly, but rather unconventional.  Then there is the interior, yes you see correctly, that’s a tan on green leather combination.  Finally the license plate: as often bitter cross-town rivals, how do you put what amounts to “Cubs won” on a plate that fly’s the White Sox colors and logo?  Was this a lost bet of some kind?  Is it a genuine fan of both teams?  A horrible mistake at the DMV?  We may never know.

      The last highlight for me is another Japanese offering…I know, I know…I have a problem, have some compassion!  To me, there is no more iconic Mazda RX-7 than an FB (1st generation) RX-7 in brown, yes brown!  Complete with period correct rear window louvers, the addition of some rudimentary but effective fender flares, race seats and a roll bar, this thing looked ‘the business’.  Is it odd that I find the FB to be more of an 80’s looking car than the FC that proceeded it?  It ended production in the early 80’s, but to me, especially in this form it epitomizes the 80’s.  Look at those louvers, they induce flashbacks of Max Headroom, Duran Duran and Ronald Reagan quotes, but in a good way some how.

      So there you have it, a bit of everything as usual for a Super Car Saturday.  There really are so many amazing cars, that I could never pretend to be able to capture each and every one.  I only hope to at least give you the taste that entices you to make the drive out to the next Super Car Saturday (first Saturday of every month, mark the calendar now!).  There is plenty more to see below, so keep scrolling and enjoy!

-photos and writing: Robert Sixto

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