Super Car Saturday – July 2017

     If you’ve been following the blog, you already know the routine by now; the first weekend of the month ushers the arrival of yet another Super Car Saturday.  This past Saturday I trekked to Bolingbrook where the early morning sunshine was strong and relentless, making it a challenge for both spectators and cars to keep cool.  Nonetheless, turn out was very strong, as crowds armed with ample water bottles and sunblock, strolled the streets of The Promenade in Bolingbrook to see some incredible cars shining brightly in the intense sun.  As has also been the routine, I made my rounds snapping shots of all the cars in attendance. After consuming three water bottles, soaking my t-shirt in sweat, and acquiring a raging farmers tan, I came home with all of the photos in the gallery to follow.  First up, in no particular order, are the Chicago Car Life highlights of the day, things I deemed of interest for no other reason than my own personal whims at the time.  Enjoy! 

     The first highlight of the day, came early in my visit to Super Car Saturday, in the line of traffic rolling into the show.  The car pictured below caught my attention with the noises it made before I even saw it.  This luscious blue Ford hot rod (I think, forgive me if mistaken), made awe inspiring noises while idling in the line of cars entering the main strip of The Promenade.  The typical description of a cammed V8 engine sounding “lumpy” just wouldn’t suffice with this car.  Beyond simply lumpy, the idle sounded more like a  sporadic volley of artillery fire in some not so distant battlefield.  The firing of each cylinder came with such a broken cadence, I marveled that it could stay idling at all.  As it pulled neatly into it’s parking spot near the front of the main entrance, I got an opportunity to see what powered this machine.  The words J2 Rocket and Oldsmobile blazoned on it’s valve cover, would answer the question.  A truly magnificent hot rod, I found myself gazing for quite a while. 

     The next highlight is a bit polar opposite from the aforementioned hot rod, as it is a Japanese car made in the early 1990’s.  I have included in the blog an R32 GTR in the past, where I rediscovered my love for the R32 and professed that particular R32 to being my favorite yet.  This Saturday, that changed, as I met my new and undisputed favorite R32 which you will see pictured below.  An incredibly clean example, with many different exterior modifications that all remain period correct, subtle and harmoniously enhance the factory look, I was immediately smitten.  The owner of this particular R32 had actually owned it in Japan where he lived for some time.  Over the course of his time in Japan, he restored, upgraded, and repaired it into the car it is today.  The result, is an R32 that once it was imported to the U.S. was better sorted than most.  Other than increasing power output from the stout RB26 engine, I can not see anything on this car that would benefit from any more changes, simply perfection!

      The final highlight, is a proper super car as is fitting of a Super Car Saturday, arguably the quintessential super car; a Ferrari.  Ferrari’s are traditionally ordered in some shade of red, in earlier years overwhelmingly so at a rate of 8 in 10.  As such it became difficult to imagine a proper Ferrari wearing any other shade of color.  As a prospective Ferrari buyer, I imagine one must feel a certain pressure or obligation to follow that blazing red trend.  However, every so often, a hero emerges to buck convention and change the world.  On Saturday, I made witness to the work of one such hero.  This bold hero, made the decision to not check off one of the many color options that began with Rosso.  They could have chosen Rosso Corsa, Rosso Fiorano, Rosso Mugello, Rosso Scuderia or even Rosso Dino, all a beautiful shades of red, and all sounding deliciously sexy and exotic.  No, this hero resisted that temptation, braved the shaming of the masses and instead opted to check the box marked with something…blue.  The official name of this blue, I could not tell you, as I inquired with Ferrari and only received blank stares and inquisitive looks.  I suppose they couldn’t fathom someone not ordering one in red, or perhaps didn’t even think it possible.  So thank you, courageous hero, we salute you and appreciate you bringing this wonderful car to Super Car Saturday.  On a less tongue in cheek note, the 488 has really pushed the bar higher in terms of aesthetics and I would be hard pressed to name another car in the current super car realm that is more beautiful.   

     There was plenty to see beyond these three, so keep scrolling to see more of the huge gallery below.  I kept words a bit brief this go around as I have quite a bit of July 4th weekend barbecue to enjoy.  I will also enjoy not-launching-many-assorted-fireworks-in-my-yard-because-they-are-illegal-in-illinois-and-no-one-does-that. (A firm wink of the eye is implied here.)  On a more serious note, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend, have a few cold ones and keep the wheeled toys in the garage if you do, be safe all, happy July 4th! 

 P.S. I absolutely need one of these Giulia’s, the infatuation has not faded!

-photos and writing by: Robert Sixto

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