Rise and Drive – May 2018

     In typical Chicago fashion, seasons can change overnight.  During Super Car Saturday just the morning before, the weather was hot, dry, and sunny.  It felt more like summer than spring.  For the following morning, as we rolled into Collector’s Car Garage for Rise and Drive, we were greeted with much cooler temperatures and a light drizzle under gray cloudy skies.  An ominous start to be sure, and being one of the first to arrive, it was a quiet morning allowing me to snack on some donuts and coffee.  I spent the early part of the morning chatting with friends while strolling through CCG’s always awe-inspiring facility.  As the morning went on, more folks started to filter in, and the clouds burned off, allowing the sun to warm the lot and lift spirits.  Much smaller in scale than Super Car Saturday, but no less impressive for the cars that show up, Rise and Drive has been and remains my favorite area car meets.  I like the smaller lot size, because it’s easier to walk through and see everything.  At more sprawling meets/shows, I feel like I still miss some cars, noticing them only as they make a snarling exit from the lot.  At Rise and Drive, you see everyone come in, park, and you see them leave.  You miss nothing and you get plenty of time to admire the cars, actually meet and talk to the owners, and yes, even eat your donuts.  It’s for that reason that I find myself spending less time behind my camera lense, and more time just hanging out with friends and talking cars.  The variety of cars is impressive as well, with representation of many era’s and makes.  This does not even get into the rows of automotive unicorns that are housed within CCG’s facility.  There are no photos allowed inside the facility of the private collection inside, so I won’t have anything posted here, but trust me it’s worth poking your head in to see.  All this is what keeps me coming back and looking forward to the first Sunday of the month!  Keep scrolling for some of the sights of this Sunday’s Rise and Drive.   

-photos and writing: Robert Sixto 

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