Nuccio Auto Group BBQ 2017

     It was a beautiful and breezy morning, the bright sun obscured occasionally by the towering white billowing clouds that peppered the sky.  The smell of barbecue smoke in the air and the announcements of the DJ on hand welcomed you in to the Nuccio Auto Group’s BBQ and car show.  The event was a densely packed affair in both the front lot of Nuccio Auto Group’s facility and inside, as they efficiently packed all manner of automotive treasures and rarities into a relatively tight space.  The lines to the food truck stayed busy as guests enjoyed a nice helping of complimentary pulled pork sandwiches and mac & cheese.  Younger members of the crowd, raced back and forth on the main road, trying to hurriedly capture on video the exit of the next exotic machine leaving the show.  It was yet another fabulous weekend for a car show, and Nuccio Auto Group certainly did not disappoint.  As always, here are the Chicago Car Life top highlights from the show.

     We’ll begin with a race car, a Porsche GT3 Cup competition car to be exact.  The Gulf livery has gotten a bit overused, but it really just works so well.  This 911 was serious business, with a rear wing spoiler providing loads of downforce to big meaty slick tires gripping the road, and battle scars to prove it has seen action.  There is an adage that not every show car can be a race car, but every race car can be a show car, and that certainly holds true here.

     The next Chicago Car Life highlight, is a Lamborghini, which you will find to be a theme in the rest of this piece.  The Lamborghini in question is arguably the quintessential Lamborghini, the Countach.  The Countach is what gave the brand it’s swagger and set it apart from it’s other italian rivals.  It is aggressively sharp and angular, with seemingly every manner of vent, scoop, and ornamentation thrown into the mix.  It is entirely unconventional in style, even the side windows are a three piece, bank teller-like contraption that simply allow a bit of air to enter the cabin.  It is one of the original idol cars, a machine that kids treated like a hero and fantasized of one day owning.  This example looked incredible, it’s Rosso Siviglia paint still shining with a deep gloss and intensely deep red.  Even among some incredible cars it drew attention to the center of the room where it resided.

     The next Chicago Car Life highlight, is another Lamborghini and from the same era as the Countach.  In fact, this Lamborghini languished in the shadow of the Countach metaphorically, but also literally in the room where it sat tucked behind the Countach in Nuccio Auto’s show room.  The Lamborghini Jalpa below, is that car.  If the Countach was a body building, extroverted playboy who loved being the center of attention, the Jalpa is the quiet more studious brother that shied away from the spotlight.  The Jalpa was meant as an entry level Lamborghini on it’s release, a stripped down version of a Countach of sorts.  This meant it only had a V8 engine in the middle instead of the V12 of the Countach, and it also meant it was much slower.  It would also lack all of the vents and the flare that the Countach had, which ends up leaving the Jalpa with a much simpler design.  The thing is though, I really like the look of the Jalpa.  It is still unmistakably a  Bertone design, still gorgeously angular, but it flows much better.  It cuts the gaudy nature of the Countach’s theatrics, and delivers something much more elegant and genuinely beautiful.  If someone were to ask me now, what was the best Lamborghini of the 1980’s based on looks alone?  I would say it was the Jalpa, but his brother Countach is buying shots at the bar with a bunch of models he brought to the party, and…Sorry Jalpa, is it cool if I go hang with them?

     The third highlight, in no particular order is yet again, a Lamborghini.  This time a more modern offering, an Aventador Spyder.  This particular Aventador was specced out in Bianco Isis white exterior with a red leather diamond stitched interior.  Typically when you think of paint colors as deep, it is associated with a deep red, or a deep blue.  In this case though, this Bianco Isis white has a certain complexity to it, that creates an effect of being deeply white.  It is difficult to express it fully, even in photographs, but there is something alluring to this white, it isn’t simply a blank canvas or a subtle option.  It provides contrast to the interior as well, adorned in supple red leather throughout, the perfect combination.

     The final Chicago Car Life highlight, was a Lamborghini as well, this time the Huracan.  This one finished in a metallic purple made it one of the most eye catching cars on hand.  I suppose you have to do something dramatic to get attention in a room with the Countach, and this Huracan accomplished that quite well.  Oh, uh Huracan, Countach is buying shots again so I’ll be right back.

     Of course it wasn’t just all Lamborghini’s, there was plenty of awesomeness on hand.  Mclaren’s, Ferrari’s, BMW’s and more, keep scrolling for all the sights from Nuccio Auto Groups BBQ/car show.  Thanks for reading!

-photos and writing: Robert Sixto

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