North Suburbs Cars and Coffee – July 2018

     As some heavy rainfall swept through the area, and cooler temperatures prompted the throwing open of windows all around to let in fresh air, I have to think I am not alone in nervously eyeing the calendar to see that it is late August already.  Yes, the kids are soon headed back to school, and the specter of autumn and winter approaches!  Still, if last year was any indication, we have plenty of good car weather ahead, considering it was a downright steamy 90 degrees for the Mazda Midwest meet  in late September last year.  Or even the Lake Forest Concours D’Elegance, which was nearly in October and no less hot and humid.  Still, we know it’s coming, and rather than bum everyone out with the thought of having to shelter your favorite cars for winter, I take it as a sign to soak it all up now.  Get out and drive those roadsters, classics, muscle cars, low riders, golden era JDM specials, and whatever cars bring you that deep sense of satisfaction.  I know I have personally jumped at every opportunity to get my RX-7 out and about, making the longer drives to check out Gridlife out in Joliet, Art and the Automobile in Palos Park, or even Drift Chitown in Wisconsin!  It has been an incredible car season this summer, and we’ve ended up with far more coverage on the blog than previous years combined.  As the season end draws near, there is sure to be a flurry of more activity on the blog, with the Clean Culture Show and Geneva Concours D’Elegance coming up this Sunday, Drift Chitown’s big Hostile Takeover drift competition to open up September along with CTB Garage’s yearly show and raffle prize drawing that same weekend.  Not to mention we still have one more Super Car Saturday for September’s first weekend, and two more Rise and Drive meets on the first Sundays of September and October!  So it may be wet now, it may feel like summer is slipping away at the moment, but if you see this and are thinking to yourself, “man, I haven’t taken my RX-7/E30/Corvette/Porsche/whatever-floats-your-boat, nearly enough this summer”, you’ve still got plenty of car-centric goodness to partake in!  

     It was the weather that made me remember this North Suburbs Cars and Coffee meet specifically.  It occurred to me though, that spirits weren’t dampened much by the weather.  The turn out, while lower than typical, was not so light that it wasn’t worth a trip out.  There were still some great cars to ogle over, including a gorgeous blue Viper ACR owned by YouTuber Chicago Mopar, a Mclaren 570S, and a nicely kitted 370Z that pulled up and aired out, tucking it’s wheels neatly.  Is it just me, or does the beaded rain drops make these things look that much better? 

     I realized that enthusiasts here aren’t generally scared away or deterred by inclement weather, we see much worse come December to April, and we know that our precious season is not to be wasted.  In some respects I feel like this makes the passion and motivation of the enthusiast community in the Chicago region and the surrounding midwest, ever greater than in places that may not have the same appreciation or sense of urgency if it’s often sunny and never below freezing.  At least in Chicagoland, I can say we have one hell of a car scene, and I can not thank enough all the people that put these meets together, the folks that bring their cars out, and all the great people I have met and chatted with this year so far.  It is because of all of you that I never have a shortage of something interesting to post to this blog.  Thanks for a great summer so far, here’s to finishing it out with a bang!

– photos and writing: Robert Sixto

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