Geneva Concours D’Elegance 2016

   The Geneva Concours D’elegance was held at the end of this past August.  This would be my first experience venturing out to Geneva, IL for their yearly outdoor car show.  For those that might not know, the French translation for Concours d’Elegance is a contest of elegance, a fitting name given the cars on display but also the perfect backdrop of this charming town nestled in the Fox River Valley.  This outdoor show brings the open air, free roaming experience of some more informal car meets, but with the higher quality of cars and competition of an actual organized show.  Think of it as the Academy Awards/Oscar night, with it’s varied collection of TV, movie and other celebrities, drawing wide eyed stares from fans and endless flashbulbs of paprazzis’ cameras.  The Geneve Concours d’Elegance is the automotive equivalent of this kind of spectacle, bringing together many notable vehicles young and old, foreign or domestic into one magnificent event.  The show is an all day event as well, so unlike most more informal meets, it does not evaporate into nothingness by noon.  Although with the heat of the blazing sun during that late summer day, I could not say the same for myself.  The scale of the show was impressive as well, stretching for several blocks down 3rd street in downtown Geneva, with cars lining the intersecting streets as well.  It is all for a good cause as well, with folks on hand to accept donations toward Living Well Cancer Resource Center.  Given the size of the show, it was tough to capture everything, but hopefully the shots I did manage to get can convey the eye popping works of rolling art some of these cars really were.

    The number and variety of cars was impressive, but so was the overall turn out of spectators, it was quite a busy venue.  It is easy to see why, Geneva is one of those river towns with an amiable feel to it.  With it’s downtown streets lined with plenty of shops, cafe’s, pubs and the like, there is plenty to see and do around the show as well.  One particular theme of importance was the 100th anniversary of BMW being this year, and to this end there were several incredible examples to be seen.

  It didn’t end with the BMW focus however, as there were plenty of things to see throughout the day.  A brigade of early 50’s and 60’s Porsches, a slew of genuine Shelby Ford offerings, a Cadillac V16 (Moar cylinders!), and even obscure offerings like the Arnolt-Bristol or Genetta G4, there was enough to fill your day.  I look forward to visiting again next year, and I would recommend it to anyone with a love for cars.  

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